Last update: 07/2004
Michael Jeschke

Collection of Documents

My documents:
  Curriculum Vitae
  Curriculum Vitae - German version (Lebenslauf)
  Paceband for (Half-)Marathon - very practical Excel-/Openoffice-file
  Excel/Open Office File: Zinseszins, Josephspfennig, Reiskorn/Schachbrett (German).

Other files of mine:
  Video-Clips (german)

Other documents:
  Introduction to Cryptography (on the basic principles of Encryption, electronic signatures, PGP, ...) - Phil Zimmermann, Network Associates.
  How to compile Crafty chess engine with gcc under Windows: Detailed description and a zip-file containing all the descriptions and makefiles etc.
  Perl Script for Pegasus Mail 4.21c - for improved attachment filtering: It avoids that files are overwritten without warning when saving attachments to disk. For example, it is now possible to save all attachments to a dedicated attachment folder and then to archive emails without attachments.
  Conway's Game of Life - Matlab Code