[28 Oct 2012]: My first Marathon :-)
[28 Oct 2011]: My web site was compromised with malicious code (on 23 September 2011 between 14:16 and 14:20 CEST). Files have been cleaned in the meantime and I have changed my FTP password to a more secure one. I apologize for any inconvenience.
More infos on this can be found here.

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 Michael Jeschke 


That's me Dear Visitor,

You are here on my homepage? What a nice surprise! Welcome!

Unfortunately my pages are not yet fully complete, but I am working on it, as you can  see. At least I managed to put a photo of mine to this page in the meantime. So you can convince yourself that I am really the “Michael Jeschke” you were looking for!

All right, I must confess the photo is not quite up to date - it's from my wild seventies! At that time I was still a bit more “dumpy” than today.

In case you don't recognise me on the photo, here is a list of keywords. So you can be really sure you are on the right homepage:

If I am the Michael Jeschke you were looking for, why don't you just drop me an e-mail?

Alcatel-Lucent * ASCK * Imperial College London * Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

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