Last update: 07/2000
Michael Jeschke

Pretty Good Privacy

With Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) you can...

...  encrypt e-mail and files that you sent me, such that only I can read them.
...  verify that it is really me who sent you an e-mail or a data file that claims to originate from me.
...  install virtual drives on your hard disc or CD-ROM (with PGPdisk). This is very useful for example with notebooks: If your notebook gets stolen, it is impossible for the thief to read the data. He will only see a ".pgd"-file, which can only be mounted as a drive letter if the "passphrase" (=long password) is known.
...  be sure to have an encryption system which is, according to current knowledge, pretty safe against cracking, even when using all computer power of the world.
...  be sure to use an encryption system which does not have any backdoors, since the source code is publicly available.

Further information on the basics of encryption and PGP can be found in this well-structured introductory document.

The PGP software and further information are available on the international PGP homepage and also here. PGP is free for private use.

  My PGP keys in "compatible" format (without photos).
  My PGP keys in "complete" format (with photos).